June 20, 2024

Xiao has a 5 Anemo Hypercarry DPS. Because of the prolonged period of his Elemental Burst, Xiao sometimes consumes probably the most area time when appearing as a Hypercarry. Subsequently, he ought to present nearly all of the Staff’s DPS. Consequently, xiao is a expensive unit as a person as a result of he’ll obtain many of the funding whereas the staff members will be managed with much less cash.

Is Xiao Value It?

  1. Low-skill flooring gameplay
  2. Broad AoE
  3. The staff must make extra dedication.
  4. Plunges are thought-about heavy assaults and can be utilized to stun opponents and breach object shields.


  1. There have to be extra F2P weapon choices.
  2. Calls for deliberate power administration.
  3. Costly for a Hypercarry.
  4. The prolonged period of his Elemental Burst could restrict the choices out there to the staff.
  5. Constellations with little worth.

Xiao ought to ceaselessly be on the sphere inflicting injury as a result of he’s a Hypercarry. His most beneficial allies will subsequently guarantee the next:

  1. Xiao has enough power to ensure dependable Bursts.
  2. Xiao spends probably the most time attainable doing injury on the sphere.
  3. The size of Xiao’s staff rotations is minimized.
  4. Xiao survives.
  5. Xiao’s staff helps his injury in Burst for so long as possible.

We will usually group his supporters into the next roles to assist him accomplish these goals:

Off-Subject DPS / Burst DPS

a secondary injury producer with a fast capability to forged injury or injury that may be dealt off-field.


Funds Xiao Vitality for continuous Bursts.


Protects Xiao from opponent assault and bursts HP drain or heals him.


Will increase Xiao’s injury, lowers the enemy’s protection or resistance, offers anti-stagger, or permits crowd controls extra simple area-of-effect assaults.


Xiao’s Elemental Burst is crucial to his injury output; we firmly advise utilizing a battery to make sure he will get his Burst binary.

The battery produces particles utilizing their Abilities earlier than switching to Xiao, permitting these particles to “funnel” in direction of Xiao and help his Burst. We sometimes advise utilizing anemo batteries as a result of Xiao will purchase extra power by absorbing them than with different elemental particles.

Xiao Hyper

Xiao Hyper concentrates on maximizing Xiao’s hurt. As a result of they meet Xiao’s battery, maintain their wants, and provides him vital private advantages, C6 Faruzan and Bennett make up his finest Hypercarry staff. These are the very best decisions to maximise Xiao’s hurt.

Sucrose with TTDS likewise performs as a workable Faruzan substitute, a bit much less efficient.

Versatile Choices

Zhongli is a Highly effective protect for survival and interruption resistance. Buffs and extra RES Shred. His RES Shred is much less valued than Faruzan’s Anemo RES Shred, however it’s nonetheless valuable (particularly for top Anemo RES enemies).

Yelan offers a number of single-target Harm and DMG bonuses along with her Burst and A4, respectively. Nevertheless, to activate her Burst, N1 should cancel.

Thoma Lengthy-lasting protect with 15% Plunge DMG Increase at C6. Thoma ought to solely be used on this slot if he’s six on account of power restrictions, the necessity for lingering NA cancels, and his low utility.

Jean C4 gives Anemo RES Shred and has entry to Freedom-Sworn, which will increase ATK% and Plunge DMG. Whereas designed for injury, however gives vital Burst DPS on the forged.

Xiao Faruzan Triple Anemo

Along with decreasing the necessity for emergency room visits, Xiao Faruzan Triple Ausesse of Faruzan’s team-wide Anemo enhancements. Xiao can now function unbiased injury sellers e alongside Anemo helps, who beforehand had poor batteries. They’ll additionally passively give the staff Anemo Particles as a result of they’re Anemo. For each pre-C6 and C6 Faruzan gamers, this staff is suggested.

Anemo Choices

When constructed, Jean generally is a Burst DPS and gives team-wide therapeutic. As well as, her Faucet Talent generates particles slightly rapidly. Her extremely potent on this spot because of extra Anemo RES Shred.

Kazuha offers crowd management and Off-Subject DPSa. C2 Faruzan makes CRIT Kazuha an possibility, however he must be constructed for a selected Anemo DPS alternative. Sadly, Kazuha’s Elemental Talent and Burst take a very long time, inflicting Xiao to lose the period of the skills of different occasion members. His intensive area presence additionally leads to longer rotations.

Sucrose Has TTDS and Battery Capabilities. C2 Faruzan permits CRIT Sucrose, however she should be constructed for the particular Anemo DPS possibility.

Venti Gives crowd management and off-field injury, which produces particles with fast sanity to channel different characters.

Take care since Xiao’s Burst may carry opponents out of the best way. This can be lessened through the use of his Burst at first of rot. Nevertheless, it prevents him from utilizing buffs like Bennett’s snapshot.

Versatile Choices

Zhongli is a Highly effective protect for survival and interruption resistance. Buffs and extra RES Shred. His RES Shred is much less valued than Faruzan’s Anemo RES Shred, however it’s nonetheless valuable (particularly for top Anemo RES enemies).

Bennett has excessive ATK, Buffs, and heels. Nevertheless, pre-C6 Faruzan may have extra buff time on account of her requirement to pre-funnel Xiao.

Yelan Supplies a number of single-target DPS and DMG% bonuses. Requires N1 procs and restricts your Anemo flex slot to maintain options (Jean or Sayu).

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